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Flashing No Longer Criminal

A few years ago, the decision to base all or part of a website on Flash was risky, if cool.  Unpredictable and low numbers of users had the required Flash Player Plugin on their computers, access speeds averaged below 28.8 kbps, many Flash content seemed the domain mostly of terminally hip dotcom evangelists.  Usability experts shunned its use at every turn, condemning it as (at best) gratuitous eye candy and (at worst) offensively wasteful of users' time and bandwidth.

My, how times have changed.  Today over 99% of computer users online have the Flash Player Plugin installed, and the vast majority of those don't even know it.  Every computer built today comes with Flash capability built in.  There's no turning back.  Flash, the technology behind sites like the Terminator 3 Website, BobTheBuilder.com, and the Volkswagen Website, is here to stay.

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