Web Hosting

Personal Linux Plans

Value     $8.95/month               compare plans
It's a champagne service on a beer budget. It's a big thing in a small package. Our Value plan is unrivaled in cyberspace. With 50 MB of server space, 1 gigabyte of bandwidth, your own POP-3 email account, and an abundance of other features, it just can't be beat.

Personal     $12.95/month          compare plans
You've graduated from Webdergarten and are ready to start pulling out the stops. The Personal plan includes 100 MB of server space, 5 gigabytes of bandwidth, two POP-3 e-mail accounts, a mySQL database and 2 size-unlimited mailing lists.

Plus     $19.95/month               compare plans
Beyond a great website and tons of cool graphics, there's a new frontier. When you need more from your personal site, our Plus plan is for you. It includes 250 MB of server space, 10 gigabytes of bandwidth, and 25 POP-3 e-mail accounts, two mySQL databases, and is e-commerce ready.


Professional Linux Plans

Advanced     $39.95/month          compare plans
Our entry level plan for experienced webmasters and small businesses, the Advanced includes 500 MB of server space, 15 gigabytes of bandwidth, a static IP address, 50 POP-3 e-mail accounts, 5 mySQL databases, and is e-commerce ready.

Developer     $59.95/month          compare plans
Specially designed for web developers with moderate to heavy traffic, the Develoer plan includes 750 MB of server space, 20 gigabytes of bandwidth, a static IP address, 100 POP-3 e-mail accounts, 10 mySQL databases, 50 subdomains, and is e-commerce ready.

Ultimate Pro     $99.95/month          compare plans
With a hefty 1000 MB (1 GIG) of server space, 30 gigabytes of bandwidth, a static IP address, UNLIMITED POP-3 e-mail accounts, 20 mySQL databases, 100 subdomains and loads of other super-advanced features, the Ultimate Pro plan lives up to its name. Want more power than the Ultimate Pro? Keep dreaming.


We specialize in Linux hosting and currently do not offer Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh hosting plans.  We sure do love our Apples though.