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Virtual Reality for Real People

If the term, "virtual reality," conjures up images of far-fetched, futuristic costumes and cheesy movie lines, allow us to bring you back to 2003.  Apple's Quicktime Virtual Reality, known commonly as Quicktime VR or QTVR, is viewable on any computer with the Quicktime Player installed.  Like Flash, Quicktime is one of the most common pre-installed plug-ins anywhere.  Its installed user base is estimated to be as high as  99.995% of all computer users.  In short, virtually everyone with a computer can view Quicktime VR.

Netsighting's expertise with Quicktime VR is unparalleled.

Using a variety of bleeding-edge software packages, state-of-the-art equipment, and highly trained VR photographers, we create the best Quicktime VR material anywhere.  We offer navigable QTVR, spherical QTVR, as well as our most popular, cylindrical QTVR.

To learn more about Netsighting Quicktime VR, contact us at info@netsighting.com or toll-free at 1-866-WEB-FIRM for a free consultation.